Unusual things to see in Tenerife


1: See a 1000-year-old tree

Known as The Drago Milenario, this Icod dragon tree on Tenerife is the biggest of its type, standing at almost 60 feet and has become a symbol of the island. From a distance, it looks almost like two trees entwined in a permanent embrace; thorny stems stand strong under branches that look like raising hands. Now the tree sits on the delightful Parque del Drago with a winding pathway through wildflowers and trees, including younger Dragon trees. The park is also located next to the butterfly farm, so nature lovers have double the reason to visit. The Dragon Tree is located on the northwest side of the island.

2: Stand on a volcano

El Teide is an active volcano, but don’t worry, this mountain hasn’t erupted since 1909. At an altitude of 3718 meters, this is actually the highest mountain in Spain. The scenery in this area is amazing, and you won’t know which way to look first. There are several visitor centers, where you can buy maps and souvenirs. It is possible to ride the cable car almost to the top, and this is a great way to go up the volcano and enjoy the view. If you are adventurous, you can climb to the top of El Teide on foot. Indulge in some summer sun with Irish Airports like https://irelandwestairport.com/

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3: Explore the lava caves

Located west of Puerto de la Cruz on the north coast of Tenerife is a unique cave system that is a favorite among cave enthusiasts. Cueva del Viento is carved from lava flows in the distant past of the island. Now, this is a 10-mile-long journey of geological history and a great detour to get some physical exercise with your caving adventure.

4: Swim in a lava pool

Garachico is a beautiful place to stop for a moment, about 25 kilometers west of Puerto de la Cruz. There is a lot to explore here, such as the shady narrow streets, beautiful cafes in a hidden square, and local craft shops. The best attraction, however, is the lava pool. It is formed naturally and is good for swimming in the sea. There are some that are very deep, and many people dive and snorkel in them, and some are shallow enough for children to paddle in while watching tropical fish swim around their feet. You can also enjoy walking along the road between ponds and just enjoy the view.

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5: Spend a day lost in nature

Anaga Mountains are truly unique and span the northeast area of Tenerife, adding some lush greenery across the otherwise sand-colored landscape. These mountains are perfect for those wanting some variation on a beach holiday. In these mountains, you’ll feel like you’re walking on the clouds, surrounded by vibrant trees and shrubs of all varieties.

6: Kite surfing

El Médano is everything you can imagine as a beach paradise, plus a little more. Even though you have sandy beaches and sun-filled skies, you also have shops by the beach where you can take a break from water and drink beer or ice cream. While the breeze makes it difficult to picnic by the beach, it is perfect for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and kite flyers. In fact, El Médano is the capital of surfing and windsurfing.