Three things to remember when choosing your wedding date

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You’ve said ‘yes’ and called all your relatives, and now a big question pops up ‒ have you set the date? Here are the three most important things to consider.

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The weather and your dress

Summer is wedding season in the UK, as there is more chance of it being dry and sunny; however, picking a date just because it is in August won’t guarantee good weather.

It is important to become an amateur meteorologist for your big day and look back at recent summers as a guide. If August was a wash-out last year, perhaps June would be a safer option. You also need to consider what you want to wear; for example, long lace sleeves and faux-fur boleros are classically fashionable for a winter wedding, but is this style suitable for the potential rain and snow?

Bank holidays and family birthdays

It is your choice, but holding your wedding on or around a bank holiday might not make your big day as special as you would expect. Valentine’s Day weddings are lovely until you factor in the higher costs of flowers at this time of year, and don’t forget that venues may already have been booked for family anniversaries and other special events.

A wedding over a bank holiday can cause havoc for guests arriving from far away, and finding services such as a Bournemouth wedding photographer can be more difficult at peak times. Also check the birthdays of your close friends and relatives, as a Saturday wedding might be the last thing your sister wants straight after her 21st birthday celebrations.

Leave plenty of time to plan

Even a simple wedding can take months to arrange; for example, the location like a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire, reception, florist, and photographer all require visits and recommendations. All with a stylish setting, nice backgrounds, and a country-style theme.

Nothing can leave a couple more disappointed than realizing that they hired the wrong providers; therefore, they always ask to see portfolios and to speak to previous clients. A good wedding provider will be only too happy to help.

If it rains on your big day, or your aunt gets stuck in traffic, it is not the end of the world. As long as the photographer captures all the happy moments, that’s all that really matters.