Halloween costume ideas


With Halloween almost upon us, many children and adults alike will be starting to think of their perfect, spooky costume.

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Halloween is a holiday that has continued to grow in popularity, and with a report in the Daily News suggesting that Americans will spend close to $7 billion on the sinister celebrations, there is clearly money to be made from the spook-fest. But if you’re looking to be the top trick-or-treater or to gross out your party guests this year, you don’t always need megabucks – just a hint of imagination and a little creativity. Here are just a handful of unique Halloween costume ideas that you can make at home on a budget.

A spooky doll

There’s something sinister about a freaky looking doll, but it’s a look that’s deceptively cheap and easy to achieve. A simple baby-doll dress teamed with long socks and dramatic makeup (think oversized eyes and rosy, red cheeks) is all you need to nail the look. If you want to go a step further, create a handle to attach to your back to give a ‘wind up’ doll effect. Complement the look with some jerky dance moves and you’ll be the belle of the Halloween ball.

Max from ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

For those not in the know, Where The Wild Things Are is a great kids’ story featuring some scary monsters. Our hero Max wears a simple white bodysuit and crown, so this is a super-simple costume for the little boy in your life…especially if he is prone to being a monster at times too.

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Day Of The Dead

Day of The Dead inspired costumes are popular at the minute, as they combine bright colours, flowers, and partywear with sinister face paint, in a nod to the traditional Mexican festival. Use fabric to create clothing and accessories. You could even pick up some fake flowers and make a floral crown using an old headband.

Samara from The Ring

Arguably one of the creepiest trilogies from the past decade, The Ring features the evil Samara. Thankfully, emulating her can be done on even the tightest budget. To remind yourself what she looks like you could pop your tele on and watch away. In the film, the set has lots of signal interference which was put down to Samara but if they had signal issues really a TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham company should have been called to fix it on sites including steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-and-installation-cheltenham A grubby white nightdress and a long black wig is all you need to nail this look. A perfect choice for those who are into horror films and pop culture.