Five team building ideas for Christmas


Christmas is a time to lighten the mood in the workplace, reward staff for the hard work they have put in over the year and strengthen that team spirit. Whilst we may only be in August it is important that you start thinking about your business Christmas event and contact an Events Agency Dublin based such as to help plan the event down to the last detail. Have a look at these ideas to give you some inspiration.

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Team building ideas

There are lots of ideas out there for your festive event and here are five possibilities that could be combined with a traditional Christmas workplace event either on-site or out of the workplace.

1. One of the traditional events is the idea of the Secret Santa. Staff put names into a hat and individuals pull out a colleague’s name, they then bring a gift for them to the event. Usually a limit will be set on cost, but alternatively, you might introduce different ideas such as homemade gifts, or gifts that are themed, perhaps linked to the company’s own activities.

2. You might like to consider an organised trip off-site, adding excitement to the day. There are many team building companies which will organise the whole day for you. Many of these provide experiences which your staff are unlikely to have come across before or are unlikely to replicate on their own.

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3. Enhance the feeling of a family in the organisation by organising a ‘bring your children to work’ event. This can be a fun day enjoyed not only by staff but their children too and can be educational for the latter.


Remember it is a fun day too and concentrate on ensuring the visitors have a great build-up to the big day. Care must be taken that Health and Safety issues are addressed and institutions familiar with visits from young people can offer advice on issues to address –

4. Another event which will take workers off-site is a Christmas Treasure Hunt. You could theme it along the song Twelve Days of Christmas and send out teams to find the hidden items which relate to the gifts mentioned in the song.

5. Finally, a charity event could be the perfect way to celebrate. It may be an organization the company supports or the one suggested by a worker. Perhaps hold a ballot to finalize a choice and get raising those sponsored funds for the event.

Finally, enjoy your event!