Finding a Wedding Photographer with a Style That Matches Your Own

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The pop of a champagne cork as you toast your first house purchase, the heart-shuddering jolt of love when you look into your first child’s eyes… there are few occasions more precious than memories such of these, but one of them has to be all the wonderful memories attached to your wedding day. You can search for a photographer and review the websites you find straight away, but finding the right photographer isn’t just about making sure that the costs are in line with your budget and that they are available. You also need to consider their photography style and whether you like them.

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After months of meticulous planning, you may be so swept up in the moment of your big day that it’ll pass in a blur, so ensuring that you have a great wedding photographer that can capture this magical occasion is paramount. Remember to prepare for all scenarios including the weather. Some couples like to have serious shots and fun shots and theme their wedding day.  For a fun shot why not ask everyone to dress up in there favorite clothes including a Bugatti Short Sleeve Shirt which you could find at a site including

Shot Style

Find a photographer with a style that matches your own. Broadly speaking, there are three types of styles: traditional, where the shots are posed; journalistic or reportage, where the shots aren’t formal and are just snapped throughout the day; and a third option which can be a mix of the two.

Photography Style

Once you have nailed down which type of shots you want, then consider whether you want the shots to be modern, artistic, documentary, dramatic or traditional. For a more detailed breakdown of some of the styles and effects, a photographer can employ, look at


It may seem a secondary concern, but make sure that you like the photographer and are happy to spend time with them. You can gain an idea of a personality from a decent website. Jump on your computer to see pictures and you will see an example of a site that uses a blog to show off past events and a writing style that shows personality.

Many other factors will affect your decision. Visit Inside Wedding pages for a list of questions to ask your photographer before you hire them.

At the end of the day, you won’t remember the cost but you’ll remember whether the photographer was annoying and whether your pictures are perfect for the rest of your life.