Fashion Collab’s to get Excited About


Around the WhoWhatWearDaily office, there’s little news that gets such an enthusiastic response as when we learn that an important designer or fashion house is collaborating with an affordable retailer. We know you get a kick out of the partnerships too, from Proenza Schouler for Target to Pierre Hardy for Gap, so we’re particularly pleased to show you our latest obsession—H&M;’s tribute to Marimekko.

If you’re not already mad about Marimekko, we’ll give you a bit of background on the visionary textile (and more) design company. Launched in Finland in 1951, the company came to fame in the U.S. when Jackie Kennedy purchased and wore a number of Marimekko cotton print dresses during her husband’s 1960 presidential campaign. The optimistic outlook of that era can be seen in the prints H&M; chose from the Marimekko archives, the vivid colors and exciting patterns just sing of the sixties.

The collaboration between H&M; and Marimekko was particularly prescient given the current fashion climate. The psychedelic swirls on the yellow and blue tunic top gently take you into the Summer of Love, but the modern design keeps it from looking costume-y. The collection is comprised of 70 pieces for women, men, and kids, and not only includes clothing, but bags, jewelry, and other accessories too – even some sunglasses reminiscent of the magnificent Oakley sunglasses of the 90s, oh yes. We sincerely hope you get a chance to check out the Marimekko tribute yourself because the simple, sophisticated pieces are must-buys for spring and summer. The collaboration debuted yesterday in H&M; stores everywhere, so go now before it’s too late!