A True Hollywood beauty on the big screen


The term ‘fashion icon’ is used often in today’s society to describe someone who is influential through the clothes and other fashion items that they wear. Celebrities including actors and singers tend to be the people who naturally slot into the ‘fashion icon’ category. One such actress was Elizabeth Taylor. Right from the start of her emergence as an actress her natural beauty paved the way for her to become a renowned style icon with many of her looks being copied by women around the world, some of them are still being recreated today.

Here are two of her most iconic looks from one of her films. Many of these can still be achieved today and with the emergence of sewing as a home hobby you can select your preferred dressmaking fabrics and copy the designs or even buy a pattern that will help you create a similar look. Of course, you don’t have to go to the lengths of purchasing expensive dressmaking fabrics to achieve the same outcome as the designers did for Elizabeth Taylor.

‘Cat on Hot Tin Roof’

This film is an adaptation of a Tennessee Williams play known by the same name.

  • The white Grecian dress worn by Taylor in this film caused a ripple effect in the late 1950s.  Everyone Watched this film in awe, loving every minute of it.  They would have had a TV Aerials Cardiff company come round and install an aerial on the roof from companies like onevision   The word spread and soon it was huge on the high streets.   The dress was designed by Helen Rose who was the MGM customer during the film. The dress was created to fit Taylor’s body like a glove. Following on from the film women across the world started to recreate the look and Elizabeth said herself after the film that she had asked for a number of the dresses to be made for her in many different colours.

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  • In the film Elizabeth Taylor manages to make even a slip look stylish and sophisticated in an almost completely effortless way. During one of the most iconic scenes of the film her character Maggie is seen lounging on the bed in a pure white slip and white heels. Maggie is starved of physical affection from her husband and she spends much of the film desperately trying to seduce him and sadly is unsuccessful in her attempts. Her husband Brick is played by the equally attractive actor Paul Newman.

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In the film Elizabeth manages to make the colour white look sophisticated and chic as well as sensual and sultry. Cat on Hot Tin roof really managed to cement her status as a fashion icon.