80’s Fashion that has Time Travelled to the Future


80’s style has certainly had its fair share of good and bad fashion looks – from the big hair to the neon-colored tights, it’s safe to say that the ’80s is iconic for its range of styles. Today’s fashion lovers favor the vintage and retro looks, including that of styles from the ’80s. With influence from the latest television show ‘Stranger Things’, that is based in the ’80s, it seems to be more popular than ever; baggy ‘mom jeans’, and patterned jumpers (tucked in) are making a huge comeback. If you need a stylish new wardrobe to add your never-ending collection of 80’s style clothing in, then you might want to check out Dorset Fitted Wardrobes or fitted wardrobe companies near you who can supply and fit amazing space-saving furniture for your bedroom. Here we take a look at 80’s fashion that has time-traveled to the future.

Old School Denim

The ’80s were known for the baggy ‘Mom Jeans’ and stylish Denim Jackets – typically acid washed. Double denim was usually worn and complemented with a stylish patterned shirt, or a jumper tucked into jeans. A lot of 80’s denim clothes can be found at second-hand thrift shops, vintage shops, or even charity shops.

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Stylish Leather

Although many people now prefer to wear faux leather clothing; leather jackets, trousers, skirts, and boots were very popular during the ’80s, and most teenagers during that time wouldn’t have been seen without them. Leather jackets were even combined with denim jeans for that extra cool and stylish look. Many modern clothing shops now sell faux vegan leather clothing and shoes, so you can support animal welfare and look stylish at the same time.

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Bright Colours and Sequins

The brighter you looked, the more fashionable you were; glitzy sequins on clothing were huge in the ’80s, especially on dresses. Bright and in your face patterned shirts were also a regular 80’s fashion piece, especially for teenagers.

Eye-Catching Accessories

Certain 80’s accessories are even making a comeback; vintage and retro looks are constantly hitting the high street and second-hand vintage stores. Mirrored sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories during that time, and they were worn by the ‘cool kids’ who always kept up with the new and upcoming fashion trends. High waist belts have also come back into fashion; these go best with tapered trousers and a stylish blazer jacket to go with it. 80’s style bum bags are a fashion must-have in this decade too. Headbands were also an iconic 80’s fashion accessory – add with backcombed hair to complete the look. No 80’s look was complete without the wild hairstyles.