Master Bedroom Trends

Home Design

Coming into the middle of the year, interior designers have had plenty of time to show off what’s popular in bedrooms. If you’re thinking about making a change in your own bedroom, here are some themes for the year.


Looking at your windows size, shape, color and how much light is being let through can lead to design improvements with your curtains, floors, and walls.

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White Walls with Pops of Color

This trend may not be new, but it’s one that is a classic. If you want to make a bedroom a bit homier without a lot of work, try this. Leave those walls white and then put up some vivid art in colors you like. A few pillows and accents in bright colors will take care of the rest.

Industrial Chic Design

Industrial bedroom design is gaining in popularity and is a solid option for a change. Use brown tones, put up brick tiles on the wall, and use furniture with metal accents. It’s the opposite of the white wall design just mentioned but just as exciting.

Organized Madness

Surprisingly, this design type relies on a perfectly arranged mess. If you are wondering how to decorate my bedroom, this one is a cinch. Consider books propped in various places and asymmetrical lighting. This gives off a real lived-in feeling and doesn’t have to be chaotic. It’s a perfect option for those with lots of items to show off.

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Designs from Yesteryears

Pulling from previous decades is nothing new when it comes to design, but it’s something that is certainly rising in the current year. Designs from the ’70s and ’60s are coming back with a vengeance. Pair them up with neutral tones and wood to have a bedroom that pairs modern with aged.

The juxtaposition with Colors and Concrete

The concrete walls that are common with the industrial design are also used in other ways. Combining those walls with warm colors works well. Some low-hanging lights and bedding sets in oranges and yellows are sure to give you a room to talk about.

On the Gray Scale

Gray is neutral and can seem cold if it’s the only color represented in a room. However, using blacks, grays, and whites make it easy to match a room up. The secret is to incorporate something small, like a plant or other accent, that does give a nice pop of color to pull everything together.