How to Know You’ve Found a Good Digital Agency


There are plenty of signs to help you know you’ve found a good digital agency to work with. Here is a look at some of the most compelling.

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Good Communicators

First and foremost, a good digital agency will be excellent communicators and will take active steps to regularly communicate with you from the start. They will answer emails and be proactive in their updates, helping you feel that you are dealing with a provider that is on top of their work and their business relationship with you.

Excellent Project Management Skills

A good agency will use a recognized project management method such as Agile or Waterfall. If they use their own system, they should be able to demonstrate how it works and explain its processes as well as your role as the client in making it work.

Excellent Portfolio

It goes without saying that a good digital agency will have an excellent client portfolio with demonstrable industry experience in your particular sector. Interrogate this portfolio and find out exactly what your prospective agency’s involvement was. For example, if they are showing you a website of a key brand, did they build the whole website or an element of it? Did they do design as well as functional builds? Were they responsible for digital strategy and Professional SEO services such as those offered by elevate uk or other elements?

Assess Their Team

A good agency will have a strong core team and access to quality freelancers when needed, such as developers, website designers, copywriters, online marketing experts, and illustrators. Find out what competencies the agency offers and whether that staff is on an in-house employed basis.

They Show Understanding of Your Business

A great agency will go out of their way to show an understanding of your business and show that they have done their research. This is key, as it shows a genuine ability to go above and beyond and a desire to win your business. Often great agencies show ideas for the long term, demonstrating a desire to build up a longer strategic partnership between your two businesses for mutual gain.

They Don’t Rely on Bells and Whistles

Great agencies don’t need to use gimmicks and special offers to win new business – the quality of their work speaks for itself. Look for quality indicators such as customer testimonials, a great atmosphere in the agency and highly qualified staff.