A beginner’s guide to Chapter 8 livery


Chapter 8 livery is essential for any vehicle that has permission to stop on a highway with the purpose of carrying out inspections or maintenance.

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Usually, the livery consists of high-visibility markings in a bright colour, such as non-reflective yellow. These markings usually consist of chevrons of retro-reflective grade orange-red and fluorescent non-reflective yellow. They may also be a solid block of fluorescent red-orange retro-reflective material, covering the rear surface of the vehicle. Maintenance vehicles will also need to add a banner highlighting, whether they are working on a highway or a motorway.

The importance of Chapter 8 livery

The important daily requirements of Chapter 8 chevrons mean they must be hard-wearing, weather-resistant and most importantly for all vehicle signage, always clearly visible to avoid dangerous incidents. The Health and Safety Executive reinforces this point by highlighting the necessary requirements for road and vehicle signage safety.

Essential materials for Chapter 8 livery

Particular materials are needed to ensure that Chapter 8 chevrons can do their job of keeping vehicles clear and visible at all times. Prismatic products are often used by emergency services because they are highly retro-reflective and durable. Reflective panels are often favored by cars and vans because they are low-cost yet highly effective for night driving due to their micro glass bead technology. The fluorescent material is especially good for daylight driving as it is not reflective, but it is highly visible. Finally, coloured vinyl is effective for blocks of text or for anything non-reflective.

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Where can I find Chapter 8 livery?

There are several reputable stockists of Chapter 8 livery. One site that stocks a wide range of Chapter 8 livery can be found at https://www.vehiclechevrons.com/.

To give all vehicles the best chance at visibility when they are driving or working on the roads, highways, and motorways, it is important to kit out cars, vans, and lorries with Chapter 8 livery. Compliance ensures good vehicle practice and means that the drivers can rest assured in the knowledge that they are doing their best to maintain their vehicle while adhering to safe driving practices at all times. Chapter 8 livery offers a much better opportunity for vehicle visibility in all weather and demonstrates professionalism and care while out on the road.